Here at Wilkes Deli, we see our business as our home, and due to this current unfortunate event of COVID-19 we are changing our operations.

What does this mean?

This will not change our quality of food and will not change our smiles while doing our part!

However, we do encourage our customers to order on the phone prior to arriving in the store. Ordering on the phone 15-20 minutes prior to coming into the store will help reduce the population within the store and having you (the customer) have space within the store.

As part of encouraging pick-up/take-out ordering, we have changed the layout of our store and we have removed our tables. We strive to have food ready for pick-up, have you enter the store, and leave the store with minimal exposure to others.

Due to the higher volume of deliveries, our wait time will be increased to a minimum of 45 minutes. We are sorry for any inconvenience this may cause.

BUT we do heavily encourage you to order ahead and take part of our special 5% discount. In order to qualify for this discount, you (the customer) will have to call in our store to order and mention this special discount. We will then give you an estimated time for pick-up. If we, however, do give you a longer estimated wait time for pick-up, this will be due to us ensuring that customers do not overpopulate the store.

Again, this discount is an effort to ensure our safety and health for our customers and employees.

We are, as per usual following all local health guidelines. We are and will stay up to date with all the latest advisories/information from the CDC, WHO and ServSafe

Our hours will remain the same and we support our community.

We hope to ensure maximum safety to our customers and employees during this stressful time. We will do our part in washing our hands and sterilizing our store. We hope as a community to be clean and mindful of others who are struggling during this time.

As always, we love your support and we wish for everyone to be healthy and safe.

Thank you!

with 30 years of experience in the restaurant business Let Wilkes Deli cater your next holiday or special occasion. We have everything from Salads, Sandwiches to Pastas and Entrees.

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